Improve Employee Engagement and Retention

Baylor Scott & White (BSWH) serves North and Central Texas through 46 hospitals, more than 500 patient care sites, more than 6000 affiliated physicians and 36,000 employees. The company is located in Dallas, Texas.


Problem: BSWH was looking to improve employee engagement, specifically targeted to increase engagement and retention. BSWH conducted a pre-pilot survey to measure current employee satisfaction. They analyzed the results and for each unit identified three areas to improve.


Solution: BSWH purchased Vado’s 85 courses specifically targeted to increase engagement and retention. To improve in those areas, the managers were directed to the Vado courses mapped to the selected area. After the managers implemented the courses, they re-surveyed to assess if employee satisfaction improved. One manager in the pilot commented that they liked having resources to address their challenges.


Customer Success: Across the five units, employee satisfaction improved across the three areas on average by 6.56%. However, for the lowest employee satisfaction score in the pre-pilot survey, the average employee satisfaction improvement was 12.65%!


Customer Comment: Charles Clayton, Learning & Development Consultant, shared that these employee satisfaction increases are “statistically relevant”. Due to the success of the pilot, BSWH is continuing to extend Vado course licenses and will also be licensing new courses from Vado catalog.


Maventra has partnered with Vado to offer their Business skills, Leadership, Management and HR Courses to our clients in India