How McKinstry accelerated employee learning

McKinstry Inc. is a Construction Engineering company and has been in business for over 50 years. The company develops, builds, operates and maintains high performing buildings. has its offices all over US. McKinstry Inc. has a team of about 1800 employees. The company believes that its success totally depends on Skills & Competencies of employees. They have implemented a Learning Management System to help employees get trained and acquire skills in different leadership, team-building and HR domains.


Here is a video of why McKinstry chose Vado’s courses and how it helped them rekindle interest in learning among their employees.

Maventra has partnered with Vado and integrated their courseware in its Talent & Learning Management System. Customers can go-live with Maventra within 7 days and let employees start learning on their own. Employees can benefit from learning application and on-the-job aids that is available in Vado’s courses.