Remote Leadership
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Leading remote employees is now a fact of life. Over 80% of teams and 90% of projects have at least one member not physically located with the rest of the group. In addition, a recent study from showed that the number of employees who telecommute more than one day per week increased over 79% from 2005 to 2012.

While the principles of effective leadership and team management haven’t changed, maintaining peak performance and keeping employees engaged when separated by miles, time zones and culture is a tall task for any manager or organization.

Let’s be honest

—leadership of others is already hard enough when they are down the hall or on the shop floor. When you add in the challenges of them being remote, it gets harder—and more stressful.
  • How do we communicate successfully?
  • How can we make meetings (that are already painful in person), work using technology?
  • How do we build the relationships and trust with the team—and help them do that between each other?
  • How do we present ideas, change and more at a distance?
  • How do we coach and give feedback successfully?
  • How do we deal with the unknowns? After all, we can’t see what they are doing, how they are doing it and if they are even working?

If have ever struggled with even one of these questions, you know what we mean. Leadership is hard…doing it remotely is even harder.

Vado and Remote Leadership

Vado partnered with the Remote Leadership team to create bite sized e-learning courses that build the skills needed to successfully lead and manage a virtual team. With 18 courses, covering six topic areas, remote leaders now have the tools they need to be successful leaders, no matter where their employees work in the world.

Introduction to the Remote Leader

Course Title Course Result
The Unique Aspects of the Virtual Work Environment* Find out what’s unique about leading within the virtual environment
Classic Leadership with a Virtual Twist* Know what additional leadership actions are a must when leading others remotely
Building Trust in the Virtual Environment* Shift your mindset to successfully build trust and lead others in the virtual environment

Create and Manage Remote Teams

Course Title Course Result
Managing Remote Teams* Understand the challenges and obstacles managers face when leading remote teams
Building Trust with Remote Teams* Identify what’s required to build trust and communication with your team
Maximizing Virtual Tools Increase your ability to use the tools available to manage others remotely

Leading Effective Virtual Meetings

Course Title Course Result
The Pitfalls of Web-Based Meetings* Find out why web-based meetings are sometimes painful and ineffective
Planning a Virtual Meeting* Know what is required to plan an effective virtual meeting
Leading a Virtual Meeting* Build the skills required to lead successful virtual meetings

Delivering Great Web Presentations

Course Title Course Result
Getting Ready for Your Virtual Presentation* Understand the challenges of presenting remotely and what’s required for success
Web-based Presentation Basics* Integrate proven practices to ensure great web-based presentations each and every time
Communication Techniques for Webbased Presentations* Deliver successful web-based presentations with three essential communication techniques

Remote Goal Setting and Accountability

Course Title Course Result
Keys to Remote Accountability* Build the capabilities to overcome the challenges of holding people accountable remotely
Collaborative Goal Setting at a Distance* Learn the keys to setting goals with people who aren’t located with you
Helping Others Achieve Goals* Learn ways to support people in reaching their short and long term goals

Remote Coaching Feedback

Course Title Course Result
Coaching Others—The Basics* Learn how to apply the coaching model to your interactions with others
Applying Coaching Remotely* Discover what’s required to coach others remotely
Giving Remote Feedback* Build the skills required to provide feedback remotely