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In the wake of new workplace demands, it has become necessary for every individual to keep learning, acquiring skills and upgrading existing skills.


We have created a perfect environment for individuals to enroll for courses and acquire necessary skills. Maventra’s self-paced learning makes it easy for learners to go through the courses at any time from any place. We have implemented adaptive learning techniques to make it easy for learners. Because of Microlearning techniques, learners learn in small bytes which makes it easy to understand, relate and implement.


Maventra has collaborated with SkillJobs to allow organizations to create custom curriculum comprising courses & certification curated specially for job roles within an organization. Individuals can enroll for this curriculum and apply for job-positions in organizations that have published the opportunity. This is a carefully thought out strategy to create a win-win situation for both employee and employers as both need each other.


Benefits of enrolling in online courses:

  • Search course catalog, enroll and start course immediately
  • Courses are offered as short nuggets of 3-5 minute sessions in digital formats like videos, scenarios, animation and content
  • Participate in course discussions, ask questions, share knowledge,engage and learn collectively from community
  • Study at your own pace
  • Quiz/lessons after every lesson to monitor progress
  • Get certification with ease and convenience