The convenience of All-in-one learning

Classroom training, self-paced learning and virtual learning through a single unified app
Maventra offers schools, colleges & universities to go beyond traditional classroom with blended learning. Instructors & teachers can create courses that are a combination of face-to-face and online learning with predefined schedules for each activity. Maventra’s learning platform enhances ability of students to collaborate and learn across educational materials, instructors, students and experts.

Personalized interface for Instructors/Teachers

Personalized interface
  • Teachers can create schedule for lessons with mix of both online and face-to-face delivery.
  • Lesson plans can be created by Instructors
  • Notifications & checklist to students
  • Send personalized messages to students that are delivered instantly
  • Chat with students, encourage them to post questions, post response and provide feedback in real time

Flexibility to define learning paths and course delivery

  • Create learning paths and combine courses/blended learning to help learners/students scale multiple levels
  • Create & publish lessons for students to review.
  • Help students derive maximum benefit with online courses and classroom teaching
  • Provide clear learning paths to help students/learners achieve their goals
  • Simple UI for teachers/instructors to create & publish courses.
Flexibility to define learning paths

Real-time dashboard to Track & Monitor student’s progress

Real-time dashboard
  • Instructors are automatically alerted if student does not complete a lesson on time.
  • Dashboards to monitor learner/student’s performance
  • Graphs & charts to display student’s progress

Community Learning, networking & sharing module

  • Maventra has in-built community learning module that provides a common platform for all connected users like teacher/instructor & students to interact with each other at their own convenience and schedule.
  • Students & Teachers can post messages for discussions and users in group can comment & respond.
  • Automated real-time alerts for new messages & posts.
Community Learning

Mobile & Tab learning

Mobile & Tab learning
  • Students can complete their lessons & courses using mobile or tab.
  • They can also take assessments/quizzes on tab or mobile devices.

Podcast & Video uploads

  • Podcast feature to record lectures and search through lectures
Podcast and Video uploads

Power search

Power search
  • Maventra has a very powerful search feature that enables learners to search through any content which is available in repository.