Maventra for Training Institutes, Educational Institutions and University

Maventra is perfect choice for Training Institutes and Universities to supplement their classroom lectures with online courses and help students to learn conveniently from any place at any time. Students can get help from teachers/Instructors and they can learn in a collaborative environment where help is just a message away!!
Maventra offers blended learning with capabilities for storing, organizing and sharing student work and curriculum.

Training, Teaching, Coaching and Tutoring – If these are the buzzwords of your business, then Maventra is the best and most comprehensive online Learning Management Systemfor your Students, Instructors and Institute

  • Maventra Learning content Management
  • Assessments
  • Create & Manage curriculum
  • Detailed logging & Reporting
  • Scheduling classes and maintaining attendance
  • Access to students to post reviews, ratings and share their experiences
  • Reuse contents – Easily manage and move contents within repositories
  • Advanced search, full-text indexing
  • Add links to contents from Open Educational Resources and content libraries
  • Schedule lectures/classes for direct face-to-face interactions
  • Supplement learning with direct live training
  • Create & set-up MOOC online university to extend learning to communities & students all over the world.