Creating & Publishing Course in
Maventra is a breeze

Simple, Intuitive and hassle-free!


Maventra’s Supereasy Tools

Maventra comes with inbuilt set of tools that makes learning a fun activity by engaging every user in the ecosystem to share their experience with other learners.

Learning is no more an activity that involves a tutor and learner. Instead, it is an all-encompassing experience where by lessons, videos, content, interactions and feedback is part of learning activity.

Maventra comes inbuilt with features that facilitates peer learning, Video content publishing, Video editing, Video conversions for streaming and host of other bits & bytes.

Self-service authoring tool that empowers your internal team
to build courses in a jiffy!!

Simple Editor

Built-in authoring tool that can output to HTML5. With a drag/drop interface


Readymade Templates to build course lessons. Create your course in 3 steps – Select a template, update content and publish!

Language with RTL

Supports multiple languages, including RTL – No matter which language you want to create content in, Maventra supports all of it


Maventra Authoring tool supports SCORM, LTI and XAPI. Build a course and export it as SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004.

Media Library

Media library that supports different document types like PDF, Word, Excel, Images, Video etc.

Video Streaming

Converts video to m3u8 streaming format that works well even in low-speed internet connection.

Content Library

Reuse content in multiple courses. Inbuilt content library that can be reused across multiple courses.

Learning Plans

Create course groups and structure them in a hierarchy for tiered learning.

Automated text-to-speech

Automated voice-over for text content* (Currently supports only English)

Full Text Search

Automated Text search in contents, documents and files. All contents in lessons, documents are indexed in database.

Import SCORM courses

Upload 3rd party authoring tool content in SCORM format.


Browser plugin to directly share links from webpage

Social Learning & Curating

Learners/students can upload video and share their learning with community.


Set course price, publish it to marketplace or publish it only for internal users or selectively publish it for some users