Skill Development & Training Academy

Maventra is perfect choice for training institutes to offer their training programs to students that need convenience of learning from any place at any time. Training institutes can instantly reach out to larger # of students without having to invest in infrastructure.

Maventra’s Institute learning management system provides the platform for training institutes to offer the students the convenience of accessing the complete curriculum before enrolling for the program. Institute can plan # of students per batch and manage the waiting-list in case the enrollment exceeds the capacity intake.

Automatic reminders for upcoming modules, attendance management, classroom lectures, online courses, student registration, virtual training sessions, instructor management, community learning, progress monitoring, podcast, online tests, video uploads and certification are some of the benefits that a Training Academy can enjoy with Maventra LMS.

Cloud-based private training

We will take your complete training business to private cloud within matter of few minutes or days!! The whole application will be white-labeled for your training business. The team at Maventra will work with you to customize the platform completely, brand it to look like your own portal and get everything set-up in shortest possible time!

World-class Support & SLA

Maventra monitors and maintains the servers, application and system. Your team can focus on using the system and optimizing the training department functions.

High ROI

Maventra is cloud-based pay-per-use online training platform. It does not require huge upfront investment in building software or infrastructure. You can pay for Maventra on a monthly basis and it is directly based on usage. The only upfront investment is on customization which will be minuscule as compared to total training costs.

100% Control & Management

We provide you with control-panel to manage your training portal. You have complete access and control over all elements related to courses. If you need any help with configuration or customization, Maventra team is just a ping away!!