Maventra is a AI-based Talent & Learning Management Platform empowering Corporations, Training Institutes and Educational Institutions to train, manage and enhance the skills of the most important capital in the world – People Resources

Awesome Features – Empowering SMEs, Authors, Trainers & Learners

  • Content Curation & Authoring Content Curation & Authoring
  • White-label & Custom Branding White-label & Custom Branding
  • Gamification Gamification
  • Certification Certification
  • Ecommerce Ecommerce
  • Classroom ILT Classroom
  • Videos Videos – Cut, Edit, merge
  • streaming Video streaming
  • Blended Blended learning
  • Virtual Virtual Classroom Training
  • Learning Deep Learning
  • Assessments Assessments
  • Coaching Coaching & Mentoring
  • Engagements Social Engagements
  • Curriculum Curriculum
  • Management Event Management
  • Notifications Notifications
  • Marketplace Marketplace
  • Hosting Cloud Hosting

Maventra for SMALL, MEDIUM AND LARGE Enterprises

Maventra is one of the world’s most comprehensive Talent & Learning Management Platform for Organizations to manage their complete Skill Acquisition, Training and Employee Performance Tracking


Maventra for Educational Institutions, Training Academy and Experts

A perfect combination of thoughtfully crafted tools to empower Teachers, Learners, Parents and Administrators to create a knowledge-based Universe


Why Choose Maventra Talent & Learning Platform

We all know that the most important investment required in any business is human capital! There is nothing in this world that can replace a skilled and productive resource that is required to achieve a company’s goals. The skills & competencies required of human resources may be different depending on the industry in which a business is operating but the common thread that binds all these touch-points is ‘HUMAN RESOURCE’. Whether it is employee, partner, customer or a potential future recruit, every individual connected with a business in any shape or form needs to be trained in order to help them contribute to business profitability.

Maventra is a well-crafted Talent & Learning Platform that perfectly blends into an organization’s need for a 360 degree training.

Simple, Intuitive & Attractive UI
Highest ROI and great value for money
Unparalleled features that caters to training needs of every business
Over 1000 ready-to-learn courses from best content partners