Access & Keep track of
Student Attendance

Maventra provides easy way for instructors & teachers to keep track of students that attended the classes. Whether it is an online session or a classroom training session, instructors can keep track of every learner/student that attended the session. In case of virtual training session, learners can take their picture using the laptop or phone camera and upload it in order to ascertain that the user attending the lecture is same as the one that is registered for the classes.

Benefits to Academy

Continuous Professional Development Certification – Some of the certification courses make it mandatory for individuals to spend some minimum # of hours in learning and attending classes. Maventra’s inbuilt attendance tracking system makes it easy for Academy to validate these requirements and cater to the rules governing CPD certification.

student enrolment

  • Mange Class Rosters and Certifications – Access all attendance reports through a browser-based instructor interface. Generate reports, view grades, attendance and all data pertaining to a learner. Link certification to completion of minimum # of hours, grading and online test results.
  • Incentive to learners for attending classroom sessions – Institute can track learner’s activities in the learning portal like attendance, posts etc. and offer some incentives in terms of points to keep them motivated. This will keep the learners engaged and encourage them to attend the classes.
  • Print Report Attendance Report – Automatically generate an attendance report for students/learners for the entire course duration.