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Simple recruiting strategies and tools to build a network of loyal trained workforce

Recruiting process

Hiring manpower for jobs is the most common activity that every business engages in throughout the lifetime of business. Hiring the right resource with the perfect balance of skills, knowledge and experience is of utmost importance to every organization. So how do we find that perfect recruit? How to ensure that the candidate hired has the necessary skill-sets and knowledge that are required to deliver optimal performance on the job?

Maventra has created modules to streamline the entire recruiting process and maximizing its efficiency. As part of Maventra Enterprise suite, corporates can set-up roles, job-profiles with skills, create/license courses for open job positions, set-up pre-assessment questionnaire, automate job postings, track employee applications and scores, use complex search algorithm to scan through resumes to build a skill-score index for every candidate, collaborate full recruiting life-cycle workflow and streamline the entire recruiting process.

Candidate search
Candidate listing
Skill Hiring

Benefits for an Organisation with Maventra’s Skill Hiring & Job Module

Data Dictionary

Set-up masters for competencies, skills, learning categories and job positions.

Skill mapping

Map courses with skills and job positions, create complete dictionary of definitions

Job Posting

Post a job with by selecting position, skills, experience and other details

Job landing page

Automatically generated unique landing page with list of open positions and publish it in your website

Prehire Assessment

Assign pre-assessment evaluation test for job positions and score applicants even before they are shortlisted for the position

PreHire Training

Create and publish courses with content that prospective candidates can refer and get trained on before applying for a position

PreHire Program

Join hands with universities, colleges and training academies to define job-based skill-mapping and competency training

Text Search

Search for specific skills among existing employees in the organization

Job application database

Receive all applications in one central location. Automatically score applications received based on each skill parameter listed for the job.

Workflow & Status

Update status for each candidate’s application as they go through different steps in recruiting process

Section title

Update status for each candidate’s application as they go through different steps in recruiting process