How effective is your Training?
What is the ROI?

Test, measure and analyze the effectiveness of your
training with Maventra Assessments!


Assessments, feedback, survey and online tests are the most important components of any learning activity. Learners need to take quizzes in order to assess their level of understanding in the subject being tutored and get certification.

Maventra comes inbuilt with extensive set of features for online tests, skill verification, assessment and certification.

  • It is easy to create tests, deploy, measure and analyze the skill level of user taking the test.
  • Business Organisations can administer pre-assessment test in order to ascertain the knowledge-level of an employee’s skill-set before hiring or for planning their learning path.
  • Maventra’s automated testing engine also supports dynamically generating question-papers depending on rules defined for the quiz.
  • The platform has inbuilt algorithm to randomly generate question-paper from library of questions, with the right mix of easy, medium and difficult levels so that the test result reflects true measure of an individual’s knowledge.

Offline or Online – Provide learners with the same experience!

Extensive Platform

Comprehensive testing Platform that can deliver all types of online tests, assessments and survey

Intuitive & Simple UI

Create questions in single-page UI or multi-screen question creation wizard

Grouping Questions

Create question categories and file questions in category so as to group them in a logical manner.

Question Library

Central repository of questions with ability to reuse the questions multiple # of times in different quizzes/tests

Quiz/Test Options

Set timer for quiz, minimum marks, answer display and other parameters


Import questions using excel formats – Simple CSV formats to organize questions & answers and import in one-click

Reuse quiz/test

Assign quiz/test created to one or more lessons or courses.

Plagiarism Check with Proctoring

Advanced security features like Webcam authentication, question pooling, window proctoring,

Configurable Rules

Inbuilt customizable scoring algorithms that automatically calculates individual marks at the end of test.


Automatically award certificates on successful completion of the test if the learner has scored minimum marks.

Test Results Reporting & Analytics

View detailed test results of every attempt made by a learner.

Prehire Assessment

Quiz/test can be assigned for different test-types as well like pre-assessment evaluation or prehire/pre-employment testing or course lesson or certification.

Test Review with custom feedback

Managers/Experts can post reviews for every assessment with custom feedback

Multiple question types supported

Multiple check-box, True/False, Single response, Hotspot, Drag/Drop Match response, Descriptive answer, File upload, video question, Audio question, Fill-in-the-blank, cross-tab and video response