Enterprise Talent Management &
Learning Platform

With Maventra as your Technology partner for Learning & Development, you are building an Enterprise of skilled professionals that is completely equipped and trained to meet demands or challenges posed by external competitive forces. Are you thinking how?

  • The tools that come with Maventra enables organization to start building a skilled workplace right from the time a resource is hired and all through their presence in the organization.
  • Employee skill levels are tracked and measured at regular intervals in order to ascertain the gaps and assess their training requirements.
  • This can be further amplified by linking an individual’s goals with organizational goals, thus creating a workforce that is completely motivated and aligned to deliver exactly what is expected of them.
Enterprise talent and learning

Key Attributes & Features for Enterprise-wide Talent Management

Create and manage definitions for your organisation’s talent needs

Data Dictionary

Job definitions, skill dictionaries and link definitions to competencies

Employee Import

Import employee/learner profiles and user attributes

Learning Plans

Employee Skill-gap Analysis;
Assess skill on a scale of 1-10

Create groups

Create groups, assign learners to groups and map courses to learners & groups

Track courses

Track skills/competencies by courses

Access Limit

A single unified platform to train customers, partners, employees. Limit access to catalog items based on user profile


Performance reviews & onboarding

Upload Courses

Batch upload courses, learners, learning plan, skills, competencies and other data


Link competency, skills, job level and job role to available courses

Multiple access

Multiple levels of administrative access and privileges


Unified architecture that seamlessly integrates with other systems in the organization

Application Flexibility

Flexibility to deploy the application in a dedicated or shared tenancy


Real Time Notifications, email reminders and system alerts


Features to extend training facility to learners external to enterprise and generate revenues