Customize LMS

Maventra’s engineering team can customize its Talent & Learning Management System platform to suit your organization’s requirement. If you have any custom modules to be developed that needs to be integrated with LMS, our team is well-equipped to provide these services.

We offer a bouquet of services for implementation, integration and customizing Maventra LMS Platform.
The services range from custom-build new modules, API integration and third-party software integration.

Integrate external application APIs

  • If you need to send data from Maventra to any external application or if you want any data from an external API to be consumed into Maventra, we can create customized module to implement this requirement.
  • In case you have any ERP/HRM software that has to be integrated with Maventra, our team can provide service

Generate customized Reports

  • If you need any customized reports to be generated from LMS, our team can help you with that.

Feature Enhancements

  • In case you need any additional features to be added to Maventra, just drop us an email. If the enhancements are global and can be extended to other clients, then we may just do it free-of-cost!

Create custom workflows processes

  • In case you need any customized workflow process for approvals or rewards or certifications, we can integrate custom modules specially built for your organization.
  • We can enable/disable features within the application as per your requirements.

Integrate custom HRM modules

  • Maventra offers API for all modules in its LMS platform. If you are currently using any HRM software and would like to integrate it with Maventra, just send us a note…Our team is here to help and facilitate your requests.

Data Migration:

  • If you have an existing LMS and would like to shift to Maventra, we will help you with Data Migration.

Maventra’s team of engineers are fully qualified and skilled to meet all your customization requests.

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