In today’s world, there is change in the business culture with social activities taking a prominent place in strategic business functions and decisions.

Organizations, whether it is educational institute or corporate, are using social learning to leverage the user’s engagement for community development, enhanced productivity, collaboration, micro-learning, sharing knowledge and peer-to-peer coaching. Keeping this in mind, Maventra has created a complete social suite that fulfills all the above needs of a learning entity. Maventra’s social module is built with robust, best=of-breed technology that is capable of engaging millions of users in real-time communication, sharing and collaboration.

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Social Learning

Key Attributes & Features for Social Learning

Group Option

Option available with LMS administrator to turn on/off community module for each group.

Solve User questions

Assign an expert instructor that can respond to user’s questions, if any, pertaining to a subject

Social Module

Social module that connects learners in a specific course and/or curriculum to engage in discussions, comments and likes

User Search

Search for users to send friend request and follow users

Share Courses

Ability to like, share and comment on courses

Media Upload

Upload pictures, videos and notes to the community module

Expert communication

Find-the-expert functionality to directly communicate with expert for any questions


Chat functionality for users to engage in real-time discussions