Virtual Academy –
The perfect companion for blended learning!

Get the convenience of attending a classroom
session from wherever you are!

Maventra Virtual Academy module

Isn’t that awesome? Save time, cost and commuting hardships! Get coached and trained by trainers/experts all over the word, no matter where you are! We made it all possible for you with Maventra Virtual Academy module.
Maventra comes with HTML5 WebRTC Virtual classroom module that makes it easy for trainer/instructor to collaborate with learners and peer members.

Maventra Virtual Training is powered with Voice, Video, Screen-sharing, chat, whiteboard, Document-sharing and Session Recording! Hire experts anywhere in the world and deliver training sessions comprising meetings, webinars, co-browsing, screen-sharing, live classes and conferences. Trainers can use their laptop webcam and microphone for live sessions while the participants can join the meeting from their mobile-phone or desktop at their own convenience. No additional software or plugin is required to be installed in mobile or desktop. Just click on invite link and you are ready to go!

WebRTC Conferencing Tool

A Powerful Virtual Training and Conferencing module for live-classes, conference, screenshare and training

Real-time Collaboration

Collaborate in real time with the Presentor/Trainer

Hassle-free conferencing

Runs directly in Firefox or Chrome browser! Does not require any additional software or plugins to be installed

Calendar Scheduling

Schedule sessions and send invites to Instructor and learners


Auto-reminders 1 hour and 15 minutes before the session

High efficiency & performance

Cost-effective and efficient solution that works even in low internet bandwidth and consumes very less data

Mobile Access

Responsive Whiteboard that provides same seamless experience to users

Drawing Tools

Draw shapes, lines and text using tools available within whiteboard


Whiteboard for presenter to write and explain. If presenting through mobile, Presenters can use touchscreen to write on whiteboard.

Graphing Tools

Graphing tools to draw graphs and illustrate charts for explanation

Live Recording

Record live sessions for future reference

Math Equation Tools

Math equation editor to create equations for explaining mathematical expressions


Broadcast mode to display presenter’s video and enhance user experience.


Record Attendance with webcam photo and confirm the identity of participants

Document Sharing

Document sharing – Share documents with participants

Participant controls

All participants get access to a variety of custom controls like mute audio

Raise hand

Participants can raise hand if they want to ask a question or seek trainer/instructor’s attention

Blazing Fast Response

High Performing STUN/TURN servers that are blazingly fast and optimized for uninterrupted sessions for end-users