Simple plans tailored to fit your budget & needs!

Maventra offers attractive plans for every customer, no matter whatever is the size of business. Our endeavour is to ensure that you achieve a high ROI (Return on investment) for the investment made in training. We provide customized and tailored plans for every business need, whether you need a platform to train internal employees and business partners or whether you are an academic institute imparting formal tutoring to students or if you are a training business that wants to run its own online business.

We didn’t publish a price-list in our website and here is the reason why:

Simple No-Complicated No-Commitment Plans! We believe every customer’s needs are unique. The concept of ‘one-price-with-feature-selection-option’ does not work for all customers. We don’t want to burden you with modules that you may not require.

The dynamics of every business demands a tailored approach for knitting a perfectly crafted plan. Do you only require courses from marketplace or do you want to create your own courses with our authoring tool and publish it to your users? Do you want a full-fledged LMS with certification options, virtual classrooms, assessments and recruiting solutions? Or do you only want a basic training module to manage your employees training needs? Are you a subject-matter-expert that wants to publish courses and generate additional revenues? Do you need SSO, API integration, Content Authoring Tool and other high-end features or you just need a plain vanilla system? With so many combinations, we know how difficult it may be for you to find the right mix of features within the budgets.

NO WORRIES! Just complete the form here and we will work with you to arrive at the best feature-set for your organization.

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Flexible Pricing options to match your training needs

We offer flexible billing plans with option to choose a 30-day plan or 1-year-annual plan. We also offer the flexibility for you to increase or decrease # of team members accessing the LMS. We have close tie-ups with content partners to bring excellent courses at most reasonable prices and above all, we offer coupons that provides you with the flexibility to choose any course that you need from our content library.

Zero risk terms – 30-day Cancellation Policy

Our team of experts, engineers and Instructional Designers work with you everyday to provide the best optimal experience with Maventra. We have flexible cancellation policies as well, just in case you wish to discontinue with the services.

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Custom Development & Integration Services

If you need any custom development and integration services to connect the LMS with any third-party application, our team will work with your IT department to integrate Maventra API. Also, if any additional reports or custom forms are required or if customized course development services are required, we can do that as well.