Continuing Professional
Development (CPD)

Certification report
Employee report

Maventra is fully equipped to manage any compliance training that are required for professional course certification.

With features to monitor, track and manage credits required of individuals to fulfil the minimum training hours mandated as part of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements, Maventra makes the entire experience rewarding and enriching. The time spent by every individual in learning, retraining and completing assessments are tracked and available for compliances-Managers to view and assign points.

Key Attributes & Features for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Create courses

Create and publish training courses with videos, articles, documents and links. Assign points for each chapter and activity.

Track CPD

Set-up complete training needs to track CPD requirements of different professional certifications


Build assessments with rules for automated question-paper generation so that no two learners will ever get the same set of questions.

Online Managements

Publish courses with complete curriculum with ability for learners to register online, make payment and manage the entire learning process online.

Learn on your mobile or tablet

No matter where you are, you can continue to access your learning material and join training sessions

Information access

Manage all registrations, sessions, instructors and curriculum batches in one place. Access all information in dashboard with ability to login anytime from anywhere in the world!

Maventra portal

Schedule Virtual training sessions through Maventra portal.

Track participants

Track attendance with participants pictures/videos while they are attending a training session


Recommend training opportunities, send reminders and in-app notifications

Track learning history

A single unified locker for every user to track their learning history and certificates

Social learning

Learn together with your friends or community members – share, exchange and engage in community learning activities

Recertification reminders

Automatic reminders for recertification once the certificate term expires.