Subject Matter Experts – Benefits

Set-up your own business without any capital investment or outlay

Maventra offers unparalleled benefits to Authors and Experts. Use your knowledge to create courses, publish it to the portal and start generating revenues!! It cannot get easier or simpler than that….right? No upfront investment required, no working capital and no other resources required other than your own knowledge and time.

Engage and market your courses to users

Maventra lets you constantly engage with your users and keep them interested as well as motivated with blog articles, special offers & discounts, community module for interaction with all users and real time discussions through chat.

No long-term commitments or working hours

As a SME, you have the flexibility to be your own boss and work during hours that suit your convenience. You can build courses at your own pace and time using our content-creation tool. All that is required is some curriculum planning and teaching aids like audio, video and board to communicate with learners.

Customer Engagement, marketing and communication

Create your own marketing offers, coupons, strategies and build a loyal customer base.

Earnings & Payments

We take a very nominal fee from your sales earnings for the technology platform and support. You can track your earnings in real-time through the portal and the earnings are automatically credited to your account after adjusting taxes, refunds and discounts, if any. Set-up an account with Stripe or Paypal and configure it in the portal to receive your payments.

Access & Control

You have full control over the courses that you publish to the portal – including the content, presentation, duration and assessment.

Reporting & Analytics

You have access to real time reporting to view course enrolments, course progress, customers, sales and earnings.

Help & Support

We have a separate team of content evangelists that can help you with content organization, design and support you through your journey of publishing content and selling it to customers. Our internal team of marketers and sales professionals can create a marketing promotion that will increase your sales and commission earnings.