Employee Training & Development drives retention


In a recent poll, 100% of respondents indicated that employee training & development can lower employee turnover. It is interesting to note 100% of respondents feel offering employees the opportunity to develop their careers, skills and competencies, in order to meet their future career aspirations, is an excellent strategy to retain employees. Still majority of companies are not doing it. What can be the probable reasons that companies are ignoring this study?


Interesting Stats related to Employee Training & Retention

Research clearly shows that one of the drivers of turnover is lack of development. In independent studies by both Hay Group and Kenexa, they both showed that 30% of employees leave due to lack of professional development. HR and T&D leaders know that they can lower turnover by offering professional development. Many employees are changing jobs due to lack of development. This study clearly shows that companies have a golden opportunity to implement a low-cost high-return strategy in the form of offering their employees a training platform for competency development and career development opportunities.


Perhaps, they don’t know what to do. There are a number of simple answers:


  • Provide employees with off the shelf, elearning courses that will help them identify career aspirations and create a development plan to meet their career goals

  • Provide employees with training on the company’s internal job posting system so they know what opportunities are available and what skills and competencies are required

  • Provide employees with off the shelf, elearning courses aligned to your organization’s competencies

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